Vanadium Price is Temporarily Stable During the Traditional Summer Break Steel mills have been actively purchasing vanadium alloy in May and June. In July, due to the influence of previous seasonal factors, the consumption of steel will be slow, and the demand for vanadium alloy will gradually weaken. The bidding in July has basically ended, and vanadium alloy price is temporarily stable. The tax-inclusive price of raw material and V2O5 flake is about CNY 120,000/t by cash, the manufacturers have a small profit.

At present, there are many inquiries for V2O5 flake, and the price has risen slightly, but the momentum of increase is very limited, and the raw material manufacturers are in a tangle. In early July, because the alloy factory is in the state of actively completing orders, so vanadium price will not change too much. If there are new bidding guidance or some national policies, the market may have new adjustments.