Vanadium Price Maintains Stable And The Transaction Is In A Stalemate At present, vanadium market is advancing steadily, but it is a little weak. A new round of bidding for vanadium alloy has not been opened yet. It is not clear whether the bidding price of steel plants will rise slightly and steadily or not. The alloy factories are cautious and their intention of purchasing high price raw materials is not high, waiting for the purchase price of VN alloy from medium and large steel plants.

The transaction price of ammonium metavanadate is high and low. The quotation is generally at 80000-83000 yuan / ton by cash, and the actual transaction price is 78000-82000 yuan / ton. The high and low transaction price is purchased by chemical manufacturers and alloy manufacturers respectively.

The quotation from retail V2O5 fake suppliers is less, downstream alloy plants said that it is difficult to purchase with 81000 yuan/ton by cash, but will not consider to buy with a higher price.

The ferrovanadium market continued to maintain stability, and the manufacturer’s quotation increased, but the actual transaction volume in the market was not much, and the transaction price was 89000-90000 yuan / ton by cash.

There are not many transactions of VN alloy spot goods, manufacturers are waiting for the bidding of steel plants at the end of the month. Some manufacturers are in the process of arranging orders, and the orders are arranged to the beginning of next month. As there is no more raw materials, VN alloy manufacturers don’t offer to sell. Some manufacturers have a little stock, and the quoted price is 127000-130000 yuan / ton by cash, and the traders intend to purchase with 125000-126000 yuan / ton by cash. The alloy market is stagnant and stable, and the transaction is scattered.