Vanadium Prices Are Temporarily Stable And Large V2O5 Flake Plants Start To Sell Successively At present, the domestic vanadium prices are stable for the time being, the transaction price of vanadium-nitrogen alloy is CNY 196,000-200,000/t, CNY 135,000-140,000/t for 50# ferrovanadium by acceptance, CNY 130,000/t for V2O5 flake by acceptance. Three major V2O5 flake factories sell goods one after another, and the bulk V2O5 flake price keeps at CNY 128,000-130,000/t by cash. Downstream alloy factories are actively inquiring and they purchase under pressure. This week, vanadium prices have a stable trend. The purchasing price from steel mills is stable, and it is more difficult to reduce the price to purchase again. At present, some alloy factories are in a loss, they refuse to accept orders at low prices, and the orders have been arranged to the end of the month.