Vanadium Prices Continue To Rise, And The Market Atmosphere Is Better This week, the vanadium market continued the trend of last week, and vanadium prices continued to rise. Today’s mainstream prices for vanadium products: ferrovanadium 140,000-142,000 yuan/ton, vanadium nitrogen 193,000-195,000 yuan/ton, V2O5 flake 132,000-135,000 yuan/ton, ammonium metavanadate 122,000-125,000 yuan/ton, all in cash including tax.

At present, the market price is changing rapidly, and the bullish sentiment of various vanadium enterprises is gradually increasing. And under the continuous promotion of raw materials, the market price continued to follow up slightly. At present, V2O5 flake is in a state of being difficult to find. Due to the tight supply in the market, alloy plants are highly motivated to purchase V2O5 flakes, and V2O5 flakes have risen to more than 130,000 yuan/ton in cash. However, most of the holders said that the market is unstable and they are reluctant to ship. Now they are waiting for the market to stabilize a bit, and waiting and seeing the market outlook before proceeding with the shipment quotation plan.

Vanadium nitrogen alloy transactions have been average in the past two days. Many manufacturers are waiting for the end of the month for steel recruitment or completing the signed orders. Some manufacturers are still cautious about high-priced V2O5 flake. At present, the transaction of vanadium nitrogen is about 191,000-193,000 yuan/ton in cash. Ferrovanadium has risen rapidly, and a small amount has been sold at the price of about 140,000 yuan/ton. Affected by the tight supply of mainstream manufacturers, the market is actively inquiring about goods and the transaction atmosphere is strong.