Vanadium Prices Decline Slowly And Manufacturers Have A Low Willingness To Sell Goods In the past half month, the vanadium prices have fallen dramatically, from the tax-inclusive price of CNY 250,000/t to CNY 195,000/t by cash. Ferrovanadium price drop from CNY 150,000/t to CNY 135,000/t. V2O5 flake price decline from CNY 160,000/t to CNY 130,000/t. Ammonium metavanadate price edge down from CNY 150,000/t to CNY 128,000/t. Various vanadium products have fallen by about CNY 20,000-50,000/t. With the price of vanadium-nitrogen alloy falling continuously, the loss of the manufacturer is aggravated, and the willingness of taking orders at a very low price is low. Some traders expect the vanadium prices are about to hit bottom, their mentality has begun to change and their intention to reduce prices again has begun to weaken.

Yesterday, according to traders’ quotations for vanadium products, the price decline have started to weaken. Although the trading is unsatisfactory, the overall market is gradually stabilizing.