Vanadium Prices Drop Rapidly This Week Which May Slow Down In Future Market The fall in vanadium prices accelerated markedly this week. The price of vanadium-nitrogen alloy has dropped from CNY 193,000-194,000/t at the beginning of the week to CNY 183,000-186,000/t, a decrease of CNY 10,000/t. At the same time, compared with the beginning of the week, the price decline of ferrovanadium is about CNY 3,500/t, and that of V2O5 flake is about CNY 4,000/t. In recent few days, the quotations have been reduced. On the one hand, the price drop makes it difficult to clinch a deal, and traders are reluctant to sell at low price. On the other hand, the vanadium price drop has expanded, and the middlemen and downstream alloy factories have been at a loss, they mostly choose to take wait-and-see stances.

At present, the quotation of V2O5 flake keeps at CNY 120,000/t by cash,with few transaction. The price of V2O5 flake has been reduced to CNY 120,000/t, and most traders are unwilling to reduce their prices. At present, the spot quotation of ferrovanadium is CNY 128,000-130,000/t. Although the transaction is light, it is difficult to reduce the price. In terms of overall market conditions, vanadium prices may still keep falling next week, but the decline is expected to slow down.