Vanadium Prices Edge Down Again It seemed that vanadium prices hadn’t stopped falling after large V2O5 flake factories priced at CNY 100,000/t by acceptance. Yesterday, the bulk V2O5 flake was traded at the price of CNY 95,000-96,000/t, down by CNY 2,000/t from CNY 98,000/t on Wednesday. Vanadium-nitrogen alloy was traded at the low price of CNY 152,000-153,000/t by cash, and there were few transaction in bulk ferrovanadium market. The steel bidding price of ferrovanadium was CNY 105,800/t by acceptance, which was optimistic.

The continuous downward vanadium product market makes traders purchase cautiously. The intended purchase price of V2O5 flake is CNY 90,000/t, while that of vanadium-nitrogen alloy is CNY 150,000/t. Although manufacturers intend to sell goods, they are unwilling to accept the special low price and adjust the quotation according to the market.