Vanadium Prices Edge Down And Ferroniobium Is Hard To Be Traded In the past month, vanadium prices have been falling. Up to now, the transaction price of V-N alloy is CNY 144,000-145,000/t by acceptance, which is about CNY 50,000/t lower than that in early October. At present, the offer of bulk ferroniobium in Brazil is CNY 195,000-198,000/t by cash. The price competitive advantage of V-N alloy is obvious, and the sales pressure of ferroniobium has increased. For small steel mills, they prefer to purchase V-N alloy rather than ferroniobium. Some traders moderately reduce their prices, and the trading is not good. Of course, CITIC metal also faces sales pressure, and the import volume of ferroniobium has decreased significantly in recent two months.

The price of vanadium tends to weaken and ferroniobium price bears pressure. In the future, the ferroniobium will face certain pressure. In the short term, the price fluctuation of ferroniobium will be relatively small.