Vanadium Prices Edge Up Slowly and Traders are Active in Trading In the middle of the month, the purchase of steel mills have reduced, vanadium alloy prices have risen slowly. The market price of ferrovanadium is still CNY 130,000/t, and the reasonable quotation of the manufacturers is about CNY 131,000/t by cash, while the acceptance price is CNY 135,000/t. The market quotation of vanadium-nitrogen alloys is falsely high. Some factories offer a high price of CNY 200,000/t, with few transaction. The mainstream market price is still CNY 19,000-195,000/t. Spot price tends to be high while futures price tends to be low. Vanadium-nitrogen alloy manufacturers are cautious in accepting orders recently, waiting for the pricing and sale of large factories, and the overall shortage of raw materials. The market price of ammonium metavanadate is CNY 120,000/t, and the high transaction price of Shaanxi Huayuan is CNY 125,000/t, while the tax-free price of small factories is about CNY 105,000/t, with a small amount of transactions. Large vanadium pentoxide flake factories have not yet adjusted their price for delivery, the retailing market has a transaction price of CNY 125,000/t, with the highest price of CNY 127,000/t.

In mid-month, traders are active in purchasing. Recently, because the manufacturer needs to purchase raw materials for stock, the price of raw materials is firm and forward. As long as the vanadium market remains strong before the steel bidding, the vanadium market will be stable at the end of the month. If not, the price may be depressed.