Vanadium Prices In The International Market Continue To Rise During The Spring Festival According to the market transaction report of last Friday, the prices of vanadium market in Europe and the United States continued to rise before the festival when the domestic market was closed during the Spring Festival. Until last Friday, the price of ferrovanadium in European market increased to 28.80-30.35 USD/KgV, convert into 50# ferrovanadium was 101,000-106,400 Yuan/ton. The price of vanadium pentoxide was 5.5-6.75 USD/LB V2O5, convert into V2O5 98% was 83,300-102,200 Yuan/ton; the price of ferrovanadium in United States was 12.5-13.0 USD/LB V, with a large increase, convert into 50# ferrovanadium was 96,600-100,500 Yuan/ton. Today’s exchange rate is USD: RMB = 7.0115:1.

According to European traders, in recent days, vanadium products in the European market have been well traded and actively inquired for goods. The quotation is still rising. During the Spring Festival, the price in Europe has risen, ending the situation that the price of vanadium in the international market has been lower than that in the domestic market for a long time. It is difficult to carry out import trade, because the domestic market is still in the state of gradually returning to the market, and the logistics affected by the coronavirus epidemic in China is not smooth. The mainstream transaction price of vanadium product market has not fluctuated greatly as a whole, but the manufacturer’s quotation also shows an upward trend.