Vanadium Steel Bidding Price Drop Slightly Inquiry and trading in vanadium market was light over the weekend. The bidding price of VN alloy in Shaoguan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. yesterday was 147000 yuan / ton, a slight drop of 1000 yuan / ton compared with the average bidding price of other steel mills last week.

According to ferroalloynet, up to now, manufacturers have offered less prices and are pessimistic about the market. It is expected that the steel bidding near the end of the month will boost the terminal demand. Alloy plants are cautious in purchasing V2O5 flake, while low-price V2O5 flake sources in bulk market are less. In recent two days, vanadium market is expected to remain stalemate. On the one hand, manufacturers hold wait-and-see status for steel bidding, and on the other hand, they are cautious in trading.

According to the market law in the past, the weak price before centralized steel bidding will often increase the pressure on the price of steel plants, so that the bidding of steel plants can not boost the market, but suppress the low price of vanadium. Based on the reaction of steel mills, influenced by holidays, logistics, rain and snow in the north, most steel mills still have at least one constant purchase before the festival. This station expects that the transaction volume of vanadium alloy end will increase by the end of this month. If no adjustment is made for large-scale vanadium, the weak price of vanadium may be alleviated.