Vanadium System Is In Good Atmosphere And V2O5 Flake Procurement Enthusiasm Is High vanadium market atmosphere is good, and people’s state is positive. Today, Panzhihua Iron and Steel raised the guidance price, and VN alloy rise 7000 CNY/Ton, and ferrovanadium rise 4000 CNY/Ton, adding confidence to the market, and alloy manufacturers offer follows the increase.

At present, most VN manufacturers complete early orders and have no spot, so there is less shipments. VN actual transaction rate rose slightly slower, and gradually followed up. Currently there are a small amount of transaction at the price of in cash 174,000-175,000 CNY/Ton. The enthusiasm to purchase raw materials is still relatively high, but the alloy factory are more hesitant and cautious to purchase high-priced vanadium, and retail V2O5  flake market price is relatively chaotic, and the supply of goods is less, at present, some of the holders offer in cash 117,000-118,000 CNY/Ton, and wait-and-see mood is high.