Vanadium Transaction Price Rise With Shortage Spot At present, for Tranvic and Desheng signed V2O5 flakes, the tax-included price is 96000 yuan / ton by acceptance. In the process of shipment, Jianlong V2O5 flakes have not been finished yet. The bulk market is hard to find stock. A small number of vanadium nitrogen alloy manufacturers in production are active in porcurement. The quotation of some traders has gradually increased to 102000 yuan / ton with tax by cash. Yesterday’s trading price of vanadium in bulk market was about 100000 yuan / ton with tax by cash.

Except for the normal production of large factories, there are only three or two normal production in bulk market, and Panzhihua, Liaoning and Henan manufacturers have not resumed work. At the same time, the raw material ammonium metavanadate has not been traded for the time being, and there are very few ammonium metavanadate manufacturers in production. Some manufacturers with a small amount of ammonium metavanadate or ammonium polyvanadate inventory are unable to transport due to traffic restrictions, so they will not offer a price temporarily.