Vanadium Weekly Market Overview During 10-14 February 2020 This week, the price of vanadium products continued to rise slightly, with each product rising about 5000-6000 yuan / ton respectively. Especially in the bulk market, the stock of vanadium products is relatively tight, the attitude of the commodity holders is strong, the quotation keeps rising, and the high turnover is not much. The bidding price of VN alloy has increased obviously, most of which are directly supplied by manufacturers, with few trading transactions and low market participation. At present, the operation rate of domestic ferrovanadium manufacturers is low, the market supply of ferrovanadium 50 is slightly insufficient, and the transaction price is up. The number of domestic vanadium plants applying for resumption of work increased this week, and the number of formal resumption manufacturers is expected to increase next week.

CompanyProductsPrice ( CNY/T)Quantity ( Ton)Remarks
Anhui ChangjiangVN1614950080Acceptance With Tax
NangangFeV5010780050Acceptance With Tax
One Steel in HebeiVN16152000160Acceptance With Tax
ZENITHVN16153000160Acceptance With Tax
JISCOFeV5010900030Acceptance With Tax
LaigangVN16158000160Acceptance With Tax
ShaogangVN1615550080Acceptance With Tax
Yangchun SteelVN1615900050Acceptance With Tax
Shougang ChangzhiVN1615780030Acceptance With Tax
JISCO YuzhongVN1616200030Acceptance With Tax
LaigangFeV5011200050Acceptance With Tax

China vanadium market overview

Ammonium metavanadate market

This week, ammonium metavanadate is still in the doldrums and there is no deal. At present, only Chengde Chenggang Zhuyu Vanadium Titanium Co., Ltd. is producing more than 100 tons of ammonium vanadate per month. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the logistics is limited, so it is temporarily unable to trade. Shaanxi Huayuan has applied for resumption of work and submitted relevant materials for the government’s approval; Hunan Chuangda is expected to resume work in early March, with no inventory.

Vanadium pentoxide market

This week’s mainstream transaction price of V2O5 flakes is 950,000-101,000 yuan / ton with tax by cash. As Tranvic and Desheng sold out of V2O5 flakes in February, Jianlong didn’t sign the price list for the time being. V2O5 flakes in bulk market was scarce, and the transaction price increased slightly. Some traders were reluctant to cover the goods, and the quotation kept rising to 102000 yuan / ton with tax by cash.

Ferrovanadium market

This week, the 50# ferrovanadium steel bidding price rose by 3000 yuan / ton to 112 thousand yuan / ton compared with last week. Except that the two major state-owned enterprises have produced ferrovanadium, the domestic small ferrovanadium plants have a low operating rate, and the overall supply of ferrovanadium is slightly insufficient. At present, Jinzhou ferrovanadium plants are actively applying for resumption of construction, and it is expected that the number of start-up manufacturers will increase next week.

Vanadium-nitrogen market

This week, the price of VN alloy increased by 6000 yuan / ton to 162000 yuan / ton by acceptance compared with last week, and the transaction price of bulk market is not lower than 156000 yuan / ton with tax by cash. This week, three or four VN alloy manufacturers began to stop production, and vanadium was exhausted. The purchased raw materials could not be transported to the factories, so they had no choice but to stop production and heat preservation. Due to the different severity of the epidemic situation, VN alloy plants in some areas began to apply for resumption of work, and it is expected that the number of resumption manufacturers will increase next week.

Vanadium worldwide market review

On 12 February, the price of ferrovanadium in European market was 29.5-30.7 USD/KgV, temporarily stable; convert into 50# ferrovanadium was 102,800-107,000 Yuan/ton. The price of European V2O5 was 6.5-7.5 USD/LB V2O5, temporarily stable, convert into V2O5 98% was 97,900-113,000 Yuan/ton; the price of ferrovanadium in United States was 13-13.5 USD/LBV, temporarily stable; convert into 50# ferrovanadium was 99,900-103,800 Yuan/ton.

Forecast on next week

Next week, the domestic steel bidding will be relatively reduced, and the terminal demand of vanadium alloy will be reduced. In addition, some vanadium plants gradually began to apply for resumption of work, and logistics in various regions will gradually recover. The supply of vanadium alloy is increasing gradually. Under the comprehensive influence of all aspects, the vanadium price is expected to be stable next week. It is difficult to purchase goods at a low price.