Vanadium Weekly Market Overview During 15-19 April, 2019 This week, the vanadium market is mainly stable. Since the pricing of raw materials in large factories last week, the price of raw materials in the upstream has been basically around large factories’ price. The downstream alloy factories have actively purchased raw materials and the inquires have increased. Mainstream transaction price of ammonium metavanadate is CNY 160,000/t by cash, while that of vanadium pentoxide flake is CNY 170,000/t by acceptance or CNY 166,000-168,000/t by cash. As the last round of steel bidding has just passed, this week’s steel bidding is less. Fushun New Steel has purchased 60 tons of vanadium -nitrogen alloy, with the transaction price of CNY 260,000/t including tax, and the mainstream transaction price of retailing market is controlled below CNY 255,000/t, with few deal. Ferrovanadium market also has a cold trading, and the offer keeps at CNY 175,000-180,000/t. While the European market prices are in the opposite direction, and it continues to fall in this week.

Company Products Price(CNY/T)QTY(TON)Remarks 
Hebei Xinxing Ductile Iron PipesVN1627700020Acceptance With Tax
Hebei Xinxing Ductile Iron PipesFeV5019500010Acceptance With Tax
Anhui Yangtze RiverVN1626200040Acceptance With Tax
Laiwu SteelVN16258000140Acceptance With Tax
Laiwu SteelFeV5018500040Acceptance With Tax
Southeast SteelVN1625300030Cash With Tax
TISCOFeV5018200060Acceptance With Tax
LISCOVN1623500020Acceptance With Tax
Hebei Xinxing Ductile Iron PipesVN1624800020Acceptance With Tax
Wuhu Xinxing Ductile Iron PipesVN1624000040Cash With Tax
Yangchun SteelVN1621800050Acceptance With Tax
Shaanxi SteelVN1622800020Acceptance With Tax
ZENITH SteelVN16235000110Acceptance With Tax
Nanjing SteelVN1622800020Acceptance With Tax
Echeng SteelVN1624800040Acceptance With Tax
Shandong Jiyuan SteelVN1625000010Acceptance With Tax
ZENITH FerrovanadiumFeV5017500030Acceptance With Tax
Shaangang FeV5016900030Acceptance With Tax
Hebei Xinxing Ductile Iron PipesVN1624950020Acceptance With Tax
NXSG SteelVN1624500020Acceptance With Tax
Xuzhou Southeast SteelVN1624800020Cash With Tax
Fujian SangangVN1625000040Cash With Tax
Shougang Changzhi SteelVN1624950030Acceptance With Tax
Fushun New SteelVN1626000060Acceptance With Tax

China vanadium market overview

Ammonium metavanadate

This week, the downstream alloy factory is active in purchasing, the transactions of ammonium metavanadate have increased, and the price is relatively stable. The mainstream price is CNY 160,000/t including tax, and part of the high price is CNY 163,000/t. Some large factories’ ammonium metavanadate in late April has been ordered, and the price is of CNY 158,000-160,000/t including tax. If further orders are received, the quotation will be CNY 165,000 /t.

Vanadium pentoxide market

The price of retailing vanadium pentoxide has risen slightly, the offer of large vanadium pentoxide flake factories is CNY 170,000/t with tax. Ferrovanadium plants have purchased more, while the vanadium-nitrogen plants are relatively cautious. The offer of Liaoning Hongjing, Xichuan yudian is CNY 167,000-170,000/t with tax, and the offer of CNY 148,000/t without tax, the transactions are getting more and more. For the current vanadium price, vanadium-nitrogen plants are still under big pressure. Although the short-term vanadium-nitrogen alloy price is stable, the vanadium price trend is still unknown at the end of month.

Ferrovanadium market

Domestic ferrovanadium quotation is stable, the actual orders of retailing market are few. The transaction price of Panzhihua Steel is CNY 175,000-180,000/t by acceptance, and part of the ferrovanadium plants still have a part of stock. Domestic ferrovanadium price is stable, and the international ferrovanadium price continues to fall this week. The price of MB on Wednesday has showed that the price of European ferrovanadium was USD 43.5-USD 44.5 / kg V, and 50# ferrovanadium was CNY 145,400-148,800/t, which was CNY 20,000-30,000/t lower than the domestic price.

Vanadium-nitrogen alloy

On Monday, Shougang Changzhi has purchased 30 tons of vanadium-nitrogen alloy with acceptance price of 249,500/t including tax. And the acceptance price of 60 tons of vanadium-nitrogen alloy purchased by Fushun New steel on Thursday is CNY 260,000/t. At present, the offer prices of vanadium-nitrogen factories are chaos, low acceptance price of CNY 250,000/t including tax, a little higher cash price of CNY 260,000/t including tax. The overall actual orders are not much, and most of vanadium plants are mainly to stocking.

Vanadium worldwide market review

On the 17th, European ferrovanadium was USD 43.5(↓2)-44.5(↓2.5) / kg V, and 50# ferrovanadium is CNY 145,400(↓7,100)-148,800(↓8,700)/t; European vanadium pentoxide was USD 10-11/ lb V2O5, and # 98% vanadium pentoxide was CNY 144,500-158,900/t. American ferrovanadium was USD 25-26.5/lb V.

Forecast on next week

Before the next round of steel bidding, vanadium alloy trading is light and has less actual orders, vanadium market has no more terminal reference prices as guidance. Traders will be relatively cautious, vanadium prices are expected to be stable.