Vanadium Weekly Market Overview during 18-22 February, 2019

Date: Feb 25, 2019 <a target=”” href=””>vanadium</a> price has a positive performance this week, the overall price increases slightly by CNY 10,000/t. The shortage of raw materials and giants pricing adjustment drive bull market prices higher. Most of alloy factories are mainly to complete orders and small amounts of bull markets’ offers go up slightly. The mainstream market transaction price of vanadium pentoxide is CNY 250,000/t in cash, CNY 250,000/t in iron vanadium, and CNY 350,000/t in vanadium nitrogen alloy. Steel bidding price is also higher along with the market, in which the Shaogang vanadium and nitrogen alloy’s bidding price is CNY 355,000/t, Nanjing steel bidding price acceptance tax is CNY 365,000/t.

Vanadium Bidding Price from Steels in February 

Shaogang SteelVN16315000200Cash With Tax
Changjiang SteelVN1630800060Acceptance With Tax
Kunming SteelVN1631960020Cash With Tax
Kunming SteelVN1631930020Cash With Tax
LaigangVN16317000130Acceptance With Tax
LaigangFeV50#22000040Acceptance With Tax
Jiangsu Changjiang SteelFeV50#22000020Acceptance With Tax
Nanjing SteelVN1632500020Acceptance With Tax
Anhui Yangtze SteelVN1632400050Acceptance With Tax
Nanjing SteelVN1634500020Acceptance With Tax
SHOUGANGVN1632000015Acceptance With Tax
Shaangang Group Longmen SteelVN1634500020Acceptance With Tax
Shaangang SteelVN1635400060Acceptance With Tax
Shaoyang SteelVN16355000200Acceptance With Tax
Nanjing SteelFeV24990030Acceptance With Tax
Nanjing SteelVN1636500020Acceptance With Tax

China vanadium market overview

Ammonium Metavanadate

The production of ammonium metavanadate is expected to be slightly reduced this month. Due to the influence of the weather in the north, some manufacturers haven’t started yet. The vanadium prices of the companies in production have increased, such as shaanxi huayuan and hubei chuangda offer cash is only CNY 240,000 /t,and the supply is tight.

Vanadium pentoxide market

This week, vanadium market price also slightly upward, three big vanadium factories’ offer acceptance is still CNY 220,000/t, bulk market price has reached CNY 250,000/t.Traders purchasing price is not less than CNY 250,000/t.

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