Vanadium Weekly Market Overview During 23-27 September, 2019 This week, the vanadium market is dominated by bidding price from steel mills, with less volume in bulk market, low-price inquiries from traders, purchasing price of vanadium-nitrogen alloys is up around 190,000 yuan per ton by cash, and alloy factories do not take orders, and continue to pay attention to the trend of steel tenders. Since Wednesday, the bidding price of vanadium-nitrogen from steel has been quoted one after another. Although the steel mill intends to reduce the price, the vanadium-nitrogen suppliers have a more unified mentality, and the final transaction price is around 197,000-198,000 yuan per ton by acceptance with tax. Vanadium prices remained basically stable this week, with little fluctuation.

Vanadium Bidding Price from Steel Plants during 12-20, September:

Company Products Price ( CNY/T) Quantity ( Ton) Remarks
Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes VN16 195000 10 Acceptance With Tax
Benxi Steel VN16 198000 30 Acceptance With Tax
ZENITH VN16 197000 150 Acceptance With Tax
Laiwu Steel VN16 196800 160 Acceptance With Tax
Laiwu Steel FeV50 133500 90 Acceptance With Tax
Shaoguan Steel VN16 196500 80 Acceptance With Tax
Anhui Changjiang VN16 197000 120 Acceptance With Tax

China vanadium market overview

Ammonium metavanadate market

The price of ammonium metavanadate remained stable this week, with the mainstream transaction price ranging from 125,000 to 130,000 yuan per ton by cash. Since the second half of the year, the factories of ammonium metavanadate under production became less, and the monthly output decreased, the demand from the chemical enterprises is stable. This week, enquiries have been active. Some ammonium metavanadate producers have higher transaction prices than cash of 130,000 yuan/ton. There is little difference between ammonium metavanadate and V2O5 flake, so the alloy factories directly purchase V2O5 flakes instead of buying ammonium metavanadate with high prices.

Vanadium pentoxide market

This week, V2O5 flake enterprises quoted 128,000-130,000 yuan/ton by cash, the mainstream transaction price was 128,000-129,000 yuan/ton by cash or 130,000 yuan/ton by acceptance with tax, market inquiries are not much, trading activity is not high. The purchasing price from vanadium-nitrogen manufacturer is 128,000 yuan/ton by cash, if higher than this price, their purchasing intention is reduced. Vanadium powder of metallurgical grade is less, the price trend of chemical grade is stable, terminal catalyst demand is not reduced.

Ferrovanadium market

This week, the price of ferrovanadium is stable weak. The tender price from steel plants was ranging from 135,000 to 136,000 yuan per ton by acceptance with tax. The bulk price has slightly decreased to 133,000 to 134,000 yuan per ton by cash. The market demand is weak and the bulk market is difficult to reach a deal. In recent months, the ferrovanadium market trade has slowed down. Some ferrovanadium factories have been half-closed and half-opened. When there are orders, then to start production, if no orders, then stop production, the producers who can keep stable production were less.

Vanadium-nitrogen alloy market

This week, the vanadium-nitrogen alloy market is dominated by the bidding prices from steel mills. Some traders make low-price inquiries with cash of about 190,000 yuan/ton, which makes it difficult to conclude business. Steel plants are intentionally depressed the purchasing prices, but the vanadium-nitrogen suppliers quoted unified price. On Wednesday, tender prices began to come out one after another, ranging from 197,000 to 198,000 yuan per ton by acceptance with tax. Unexpectedly, the price is relatively stable, and the vanadium-nitrogen plant receives orders under pressure.

Vanadium worldwide market review

On Wednesday, European ferrovanadium 28 (↓0.4) – 29 (↓0.2) US dollars / kg V, converting to 50# ferrovanadium was CNY 99,800(↓900)/t-103,400(↓100)/t; European vanadium pentoxide was USD 6.45-7.5/ lb V2O5, temporarily stable, converting to 98% vanadium pentoxide was CNY 99,400-115,600/t. American ferrovanadium was USD 14.35-15.0/lb V, temporarily stable.
European ferrovanadium prices continued to fall slightly, the international market demand continued to weaken, the price gap between domestic and foreign market is large, domestic exports are dominated by long orders of large factories, although small factories have received overseas inquiries, but it is difficult to conclude transactions, export stagnation.

Forecast on next week

This week, the tender for large and medium-sized steel mills has been basically completed for October. The transaction price of vanadium-nitrogen alloys is around 197,000 yuan/ton by acceptance, and that of 50# ferrovanadium is around 135,000 yuan/ton by acceptance. The vanadium market has maintained a steady trend, and the prices of vanadium products have not fluctuated much. At the same time, the downstream alloy factories have a more unified mentality, V2O5 flake price is firm, and the order taking price of vanadium-nitrogen alloy cannot be less than 197,000 yuan/ton by acceptance. Next week, steel mill tenders will be less, the trading may slow down, vanadium price may keep stable, after National Day holiday, we will wait and see the market trends.