Vanadium Weekly Market Overview during 25 February-1 March, 2019

Date: Mar 4, 2019 This week,
vanadium market overall performance is relatively stable, the price has no fluctuations. Most of the downstream alloy factories focus on completing orders. The price of ferrovanadium is no more than CNY 250,000/t while that of vanadium-nitrogen is no more than CNY 350,000/t. Due to the adjustment of vanadium price in mid-month, the price has been slightly increased. The vanadium-nitrogen is CNY 355,000/t, and ferrovanadium price has no change. This week, vanadium transactions are relatively light, Laiwu steel bidding price is also expected. Vanadium Bidding Price from Steels in February

Shaogang SteelVN16355000200Cash With Tax
Nanjing SteelVN1636500020Acceptance With Tax
Anhui Yangtze SteelVN1636600050Acceptance With Tax
Nanjing SteelFeV24990030Acceptance With Tax
LaigangVN16359800160Acceptance With Tax

China vanadium market overviewAmmonium metavanadate

  There is no fluctuation in price of ammonium metavanadate with tax this week, which with a stable trend. The price without tax rose by CNY 5,000/t slightly. Due to the low starting rate of ammonium vanadate in February, the production has been greatly reduced. In addition, there are few purchases this week. The market transaction is relatively light, but the price has been strong.

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