Vanadium Weekly Market Overview During 9-12 September, 2019 This week, vanadium prices fluctuate little compared with last week. The steel bidding price of vanadium-nitrogen alloy keeps at CNY 196,000-200,000/t by acceptance, while that of 50# ferrovanadium is CNY 135,000-140,000/t by cash. Three large V2O5 flake factories have agreed to accept the acceptance price of CNY 130,000/t. Desheng is expected to sell 10 truckloads of V2O5 flake this week. The transaction price of bulk V2O5 flake is CNY 127,000-130,000/t. Manufacturers are reluctant to sell goods at low prices. The transaction price of ammonium metavanadate is high or low, and the tax-inclusive price is CNY 123,000-126,000/t. The purchase price of chemical enterprises is high. It is difficult for alloy factories to accept the high-priced ammonium metavanadate.

Company  Products  Price(CNY/T) QTY(TON) Remarks 
Laiwu Steel VN16 197000 160 Acceptance With Tax
Laiwu Steel 50# FV 137000 70 Acceptance With Tax
One steel mill in Shandong 50# FV 137500 10 Acceptance With Tax 
Anhui Yangtze River VN16 198500 100 Acceptance With Tax 
Nanjing Steel VN16 199000 60 Acceptance With Tax(including bidding fee)
Shougang Changzhi VN16 198000 40 Acceptance With Tax 

China vanadium market overview

Ammonium metavanadate market

The transaction price of ammonium metavanadate has little fluctuation this week, with the tax-inclusive price of CNY 123,000-126,000/t by cash. The price of ammonium metavanadate purchased by chemical vanadium powder enterprises is slightly higher, and alloy plants have low willingness to accept the price higher than CNY 123,000/t. At present, the operating rate of ammonium metavanadate enterprises is not high. Hunan Chuangda stopped production and overhaul in the early ten days. Shaanxi Huayuan is in normal prodution, but the market sources are still tight, so the price of ammonium metavanadate is generally high.

Vanadium pentoxide market

This week, Sichuan Desheng has started to sell V2O5 flake. It is estimated that 10 truckloads  will be sold at a price of CNY 130,000/t. Jianlong and Tranvic sell their products normally. The price of V2O5 flake in Jianlong has been lowered by CNY 20,000/t by acceptance from last month to CNY 130,000/t. The bulk price of V2O5 flake is CNY 127,000-130,000/t by cash, and manufacturers are more reluctant to sell at low prices. Although the price of terminal alloys remains stable and firm as well as the price of raw materials, and the pressure on alloy factories is relatively large.

Ferrovanadium market

The price of ferrovanadium remains at CNY 135,000-140,000/t by acceptance, the manufacturer s will accept the order at no less than CNY 135,000/t by cash. which is not much different from the price of bulk goods. The trading is cold, and traders have low intention to purchase.

Vanadium-nitrogen alloy market

This week, the purchase price of vanadium-nitrogen alloy from several steel mills ranges from CNY 196,000-198,000/t, which has little fluctuation compared with last week. The bulk price of vanadium-nitrogen alloy is CNY 198,000-200,000/t by cash, and the purchase price is no less than CNY 195,000/t by cash. Most orders are arranged to the end of the month or the beginning of next month. Facing the situation of oversupply in the market, some manufacturers have plans to reduce production and take orders appropriately.

Vanadium worldwide market review

On the 11th, European ferrovanadium price was USD 30.15-31.10/ kg V, converting to 50# ferrovanadium was CNY 107,300/t-110,600/t; European vanadium pentoxide was USD 7.5-8.5/ lb V2O5, converting to 98% vanadium pentoxide was CNY 115,300-130,700/t. American ferrovanadium was USD 14.8-15.5/lb V, temporarily stable.

Forecast on next week

In mid-month, steel mills will purchase less, the inquires for vanadium-nitrogen alloy will decreased. Despite the support of V2O5 flake price by large factories, demand has slowed down and vanadium prices will be stable and weak.