Vanadium Weekly Market Review during11-15 February, 2019

Date: Feb 18, 2019 The vanadium market shows a bit strong and firm in the first weekday after Chinese New Year holiday. Though the deals are not any, the overall inquiries are a bit active. Besides, three vanadium pentoxide flake giants are increasing the price to CNY 220000/t by acceptance. Affected by the rising price in vanadium pentoxide, ferrovanadium and vanadium nitrogen companies also insist the price and even try to strengthen the price.

Vanadium Bidding Price from Steels in January

Below is the steels bidding price in January, which is increasing slightly as well.

ProductsPrice ( CNY/T)Quantity ( Ton)Remarks
Shaogang SteelVN1630800030Cash With Tax
Shaogang SteelVN16315000200Cash With Tax
Changjiang SteelVN1630800060Acceptance With Tax
Kunming SteelVN1631960020Cash With Tax
Kunming SteelVN1631930020Cash With Tax
LaigangVN16317000130Acceptance With Tax
LaigangFeV50#22000040Acceptance With Tax
Jiangsu Changqiang SteelFeV50#22000020Acceptance With Tax
Nanjing SteelVN1632500020Acceptance With Tax
Anhui Yangtze SteelVN1632400050Acceptance With Tax
Nanjing SteelVN1634500020Acceptance With Tax
SHOUGANGVN1632000015Acceptance With Tax
Shaangang Group Longmen steelVN1634500020Acceptance With Tax
Shaangang GroupVN1635400060Acceptance With Tax

China vanadium market overview

Ammonium metavanadate

Thanks to the overhauling in ammonium metavanadate companies during the holiday, the overall market for ammonium metavanadate is a bit quiet. The overall inquiries are also be silent as most companies are still waiting and seeing the future market post- holiday.

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