www.ferroalloynet.com:Recently, some steel mills bidding for VN alloy have been in the state of bargaining, and the manufacturers have a firm attitude to support the price. As it is difficult for the steel mills to accept the high price, the results are delayed. The vanadium pentoxide market is weak and stable, and the transaction price has no fluctuation for the time being. In the ferrovanadium market, affected by the low bidding price of Nangang, the mentality of bulk market is pessimistic. The VN alloy manufacturers jointly support the price. At present, the steel bidding is under discussion. It is said that the all the quotations remain high, and the vanadium market price fluctuated in the short term.

At present, the bulk goods transaction price in the V2O5 flake market is still around 105500 Yuan / ton, which is the same as the quotation of large factories. There are not many low price shipment , but the high price transactions are also hard to conclude. There are not many FeV factories to inquire about V2O5 flake, not willing to accept high price. The inquiry price of VN alloy is 105000-105500 Yuan / ton. Therefore, it is relatively easy to deal with this price for spots. At present, the overall bulk goods are not much, so the transaction volume is not large.

Yesterday, the steel bidding of Nangang set ferrovanadium price at 105900 Yuan / ton, with tax by cash, including bidding fee 1455 yuan. This price is low in the market, also lower than the cost line of most ferrovanadium manufacturers which rely on the raw materials to process. At the same time, the bidding manufacturers said that if the downstream steel mills inquired at this price, they would not be able to clinch a deal. The bidding manufacturers may reduce the production to cope with the market, remaining inventory at low quotation and low profit. The price of ferrovanadium in bulk market is as low as 103000-104000 Yuan / ton, which is still unfavorable to the market.

Yesterday, Shougang Changzhi bid for 20 tons of VN alloy at the price of 164000 Yuan / ton by acceptance, failed finally. The 100 tons bid of Shaanxi steel was still under negotiation, and Laiwu Steel also began to negotiate after the bid closing at 2:00 p.m. yesterday. Due to the high price of suppliers, the negotiation time was also prolonged. It is reported that the manufacturer’s offer was at least 167000-168000 Yuan / ton by acceptance. Benxi Steel’s bid for 30 tons of VN alloy will be opened tomorrow. The future market mentality has become more and more strong.