VN Alloy Market Shipment Is Not Easy with the beginning of the week, the price of VN alloy fell by 3000 CNY/Ton or so. The market inquiry goods enthusiasm is low, less transactions, in a relatively deserted state.The mainstream transaction price cash 162,000 to 163,000 CNY/Ton and the manufacturer quotation is 162,000 to 165,000 CNY/Ton in cash.

The alloy factory said that the transaction price is still not easy to ship, some manufacturers lower the quotation, and ship little.Some manufacturers because of the higher price of V2O5 flake purchased in the early stage.According to the current market mainstream transaction price, shipping face a situation losing money, and they say temporarily wait and see and don’t ship.

At present, the price of V2O5 flake in the retail market is in cash of 106,000-106,500 CNY/Ton,so the transaction is difficult.Alloy factories isn’t willing to accept the price,and most manufacturers wait and see, and do not purchase temporarily.