Vn Inquiry Reduced, FeV Plants Produce To Order Since Monday, the vanadium-nitrogen alloy inquiry has been significantly reduced compared with last week, with low trading activity. The quotation of downstream vanadium-nitrogen alloy manufacturers is similar, but there are few transactions, and the vanadium-nitrogen alloy market tends to be calm. Most of the vanadium-nitrogen manufacturers have stocks. This week’s steel bidding is few, and the inquiry of traders is not active. We have to wait for the next week’s centralized purchase of steel plants. In terms of ferrovanadium, this month, some of the discontinued manufacturers resumed production according to the order. The factory price directly sell to the steel plant is about 105000-108000 Yuan / ton with tax by acceptance, and there were few purchases by traders. Today, there are few V2O5 flake transactions, and the price is not good. The bidding price of vanadium-nitrogen does not show a positive trend. Alloy plants don’t want to purchase V2O5 flake with price of 98000 Yuan / ton.

In terms of large factories, according to some traders of Pangang, the supply of vanadium-nitrogen alloys of Pangang is tight, the shipping price is expected to be 150,000 Yuan/ton with tax by acceptance, and the price of ferrovanadium is expected to be 104,000 Yuan/ton with tax by acceptance.