Weak And Stable Situation Of Ferrotungsten Market

www.ferroalloynet.com: Recently, the price of raw materials such as tungsten concentrate in China is still very strong. But the opposite is true in the ferrotungsten market, where most shippers say demand continues to be low downstream. At present, the overall transaction price of the market is still weak.

According to a trader in the north, there are only a handful of inquiries and orders from scattered users in the downstream in the near future. As the overall spot supply of ferrotungsten market is still sufficient, most of the steel mills with large downstream consumption also have fixed supply channels. At present, there are few transactions in the bulk market of ferrotungsten , and the price is under pressure.

According to a manufacturer in southern China, due to the strong market price of raw materials in the near future and the difficulty of replenishing goods, the pressure of continuous production of ferrotungsten is increasing. In addition, in the near future, ferrotungsten sales channels are not good, and there is still a certain amount of stock in hand to maintain. In the near future, they may gradually suspend construction, and suppliers temporarily maintain supply with inventory.