www.ferroalloynet.com: Recently, domestic ferrovanadium prices have been relatively stable, with mainstream transaction prices of 130,000 yuan/ton by acceptance. Some small ferrovanadium factories purchased raw material to produce based on demand; and there was no order in June and production stopped, they continued to consume stocks of May.

Although the price of vanadium is at a low level at present, under the situation of weak terminal demand, it is still a little difficult for manufacturers to produce vanadium. Especially for alloy plants without supply from large V2O5 flake plants, facing the high raw materials price of 125,000-127,000 yuan/ton in bulk market, will be in reverse hanging production.

Since June, more Silicon-ferrovanadium production enterprises have stopped production, on the one hand, the demand of steel mills is weak; On the other hand, the quotation of Silicon-ferrovanadium is slightly higher due to high raw material prices, which buyers are reluctant to accept. In a word, the weak terminal demand leads to the great reduction of manufacturers’ enthusiasm for production.