Why Did VR8 Rope In HCF International Advisors?

UK-based HCF International Advisors (HCF) is a prominent name in the field of global corporate finance advisory services. The firm specialises in the metals and mining sector with a strong track record of securing funds for projects based in Africa.
HCF is instrumental in providing strategic and financial advice to companies across the complete life cycle of a project, from securing funding to bringing projects into the production phase. Since 2003, HCF has helped in raising funds of over US$12 billion in project financing.
The firm has been successful in building a reputation for executing transactions in emerging markets across commodities.
With HCT’s deep understanding of political risk mitigation and expertise in the funding of critical mineral projects, VR8 expects to arrange financing solutions that could keep the equity dilution to a minimum.
Terms of appointment
HCF’s primary role would be to provide financial and strategic advice, as well as assistance in approaching potential lenders to secure long-term financing for the Steelpoortdrift Project. This may include a combination of commercial bank funding, export credit agency/development financial institutions, and, if necessary, alternative funding such as debt funds, royalty, streaming, and equities.
The engagement will be handled in two stages. The first stage will include preparing the business for formal engagement with interested parties by conducting a thorough project risk analysis, developing a plan to help the company to reduce political risks by enlisting development financial institutions, and developing a funding strategy to achieve fully funded project funding.
The second stage will be aimed at the execution of formal engagement of interested parties, assistance with the appointment of mandated lead arrangers, independent technical engineers, and other advisers, management of the due diligence processes, negotiation of term sheets, and assistance with related issues up to closing and the accomplishment of post-transaction deliverables.
HCF has agreed to receive a part of its fees in shares at VR8’s discretion.