With Blackouts Back In Play, Eskom Appeals To Citizens To Use Power Sparingly

As winter sets in and the demand for electricity rises, Eskom has urged consumers to use electricity sparingly.
The power utility on Monday started implementing stage two power cuts from 5pm until 10pm and that will continue until Thursday.
On Monday, City of Cape Town customers only had stage two power cuts until 7pm.
Eskom has warned that as the shortage of generation capacity persists, the system will continue to be constrained with an elevated risk of blackouts over the coming weeks.
It’s appealed to South Africans to help limit the impact by continuing to reduce the usage of electricity and to switch off all non-essential items.
On Monday, the power utility was without more than 5,200 megawatts due to planned maintenance while another 14,200 megawatts were unavailable due to breakdowns.
Eskom has reiterated that the power cuts were implemented only as a last resort to protect the national grid and said that officials would continue to monitor the system closely.