With The Rise Of V2O5 Flake, The Supply Is Hard To Find

www.ferroalloynet.com: The price increase of retail V2O5 flake has expanded, and the mainstream transaction price rose to 112,000-113,000 CNY/T by cash, an increase of 3,000 CNY/T from the previous day. Today, it is difficult to find the supply of less than 112,000 CNY/T in the market. Some indicated that the price of 113,000 CNY/T by cash is temporarily unwilling to ship; retail mainstream quotations have risen to 113,000-115,000 CNY/T by cash.

The transaction price of vanadium-nitrogen alloy and ferrovanadium has risen. In addition, some companies have exhausted their raw material inventory, and their acceptance of high prices of raw materials has also increased, so overall inquiry and purchase are more active. Tranvic and Desheng have suspended production, and Tranvic stated that the impact on the output of vanadium pentoxide this month is greater than expected, and it is expected to affect about 400 tons of output this month. The supply of V2O5 flake is tight, and the difficulty in finding sources has become more significant recently. It is expected that V2O5 flake will maintain its positive operation in the short term.