BEIJING (Asian Metal) 14 Jun 19 – With an annual production capacity of 1,200t of ammonium metavanadate 98%min, Xieli New Materials Processing Plant will formally start production of ammonium metavanadate at the end of June and the pilot production is underway now, a source reported to Asian Metal.

“We use vanadium-bearing scrap and vanadium-bearing flue dust as raw materials to produce ammonium metavanadate 98%min. We are in pilot production at present and expect to formally start production at the end of this month. It’s predicted that we would produce 40t of the material in July,” a source from the company noted.

Located in Ji’an, Jiangxi with a designed monthly production capacity of 100t, the company will determine output based on downstream orders and raw material supply. Calculating on the basis of current raw material supply channels, it can produce 30-40t of the material per month.

Currently, mainstream prices for Chinese ammonium metavanadate 98%min are RMB120,000-123,000/t (USD17,338-17,771/t) Inc-VAT EXW D/P, up by RMB13,000/t (USD1,878/t) from last week. As production cost stands stable at a high level, most producers keep prices stable and hold back from selling. Thus, it’s hard to purchase at low prices. It’s predicted that prices for ammonium metavanadate would move up slightly further in the following week.