Xinjiang Da’an Special Steel: 6000 T/A V2O5 Vanadium Extraction And Steel-making Project Passed EIA

Recently, the 6000 t/a V2O5¬†vanadium¬†extraction and steel-making project of Xinjiang Da’an Special Steel Co., Ltd. passed the EIA announcement.
Hami area is one of the areas with rich vanadium titano-magnetite resources in China, which has the characteristics of high grade iron concentrate and high content of V2O5. Da’an Special Steel has the advantages of resources and location, but the existing special steel project with an annual output of 1.1 million tons fails to make full use of the vanadium element in the raw materials of vanadium titano-magnetite in Hami area, resulting in the waste of valuable strategic resources. In order to improve the comprehensive utilization efficiency of vanadium titano-magnetite in Hami area and the competitiveness of Da’an Special Steel, Da’an Special Steel Co., Ltd. plans to build a vanadium extraction upgrading and comprehensive utilization project of vanadium slag. On the premise that the existing steel smelting equipment and crude steel production capacity remain unchanged, a 120t vanadium extraction converter will be built in the existing steel-making workshop to smelt semi molten steel and vanadium slag, and a new comprehensive utilization workshop of vanadium slag with one vanadium pentoxide (V2O5) production line and one vanadium-nitrogen alloy (VN) production line and related supporting facilities.
The project is located in the reserved land of Da’an Special Steel plant in erdaohu Industrial Park, 13th division of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps. The total investment of the project is 833.35 million yuan, including 74.95 million yuan of environmental protection investment. The project construction site covers an area of 102800 square meters, and the number of employees is 290. The main works of the project include:
-The steel-making workshop of Da’an Special Steel Co., Ltd. has 1 set of hot metal pretreatment device, 1 set of 120t steel-making converter, 1 set of 5-Machine 5-Strand billet caster, and the design capacity is 1.1 million tons of continuous casting billet. In order to extract vanadium slag, it is only necessary to build a 120t vanadium extraction converter in the existing steel-making workshop, and other facilities need not be expanded. The newly-built vanadium extraction converter is used for refining vanadium slag and producing semi molten steel. The semi molten steel is used as raw material in the steel-making workshop. At present, a 120t steel-making converter is used to produce qualified molten steel, and the vanadium slag is used as the raw material of vanadium pentoxide production line. Finally, the annual production capacity of 45,000 tons of vanadium slag and 1.067 million tons of semi molten steel will be formed.
-To build a new vanadium pentoxide (V2O5) production line, which adopts sodium roasting water leaching vanadium extracting process, including raw material storage and transportation, pretreatment, sodium roasting, clinker leaching, vanadium precipitation and melting roasting. The output of vanadium pentoxide is expected to be 6000 tons per year, which can be used as raw material for the VN alloy production line.
-To build a new VN alloy production line and adopt push plate kiln nitriding process, including raw material grinding, mixing, ball making, drying, reduction nitriding and cooling and packaging. The output of VN alloy is expected to be 4000 tons per year.
Xinjiang Da’an Special Steel Co., Ltd., founded in 2011, is a key investment project of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps and an industrial aid project of Fujian Province. It is jointly funded by Hami Da’an Investment Co., Ltd. and the 13th Division State-owned Assets Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 600 million yuan.
In this project, the vanadium elements in the solid waste steel slag are collected to become valuable vanadium slag through the newly-built vanadium extraction converter. The vanadium slag comprehensive utilization facilities are added to produce high value-added VN alloy products, which are in line with the national industrial policy of encouraging the comprehensive utilization and treatment of “three wastes”. It can effectively improve the added value of enterprise products, create employment opportunities, increase tax payment and create wealth for the society.