Xinxin Industry and Trading to expand ammonium metavanadate production capacity

Date: Mar 26, 2019

BEIJING (Asian Metal) 26 Mar 19 – A source from Fenyi Xinxin Industry and Trading Co., Ltd. revealed that the company is expanding its ammonium metavanadate production scale, expecting to increase the annual production capacity from the current 180t to 720t from May on.

“We use stone coal, vanadium scrap and vanadium flue dust as raw materials to produce ammonium metavanadate. Our total output was 170t in 2018. Encouraged by satisfactory profit margins, we decide to expand our production capacity, expecting to raise the annual capacity from 180t to 720t from May on,” the source said. “Calculated on the basis of our production and sales statistics last year, our comprehensive production costs for ammonium metavanadate 98%min are around RMB100,000/t (USD14,913/t). And on our local market we can sell the material at around RMB170,000/t (USD25,352/t) Ex-VAT, with RMB160,000/t (USD23,860/t) as the lowest transaction price. With production costs deducted, we can still make juicy profits,” the source said.

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