Yunnan Desheng Expects V2O5 Flake Production To Increase To 700 Tons/Month By The End Of 2023

Sichuan Desheng V2O5 flake production is currently normal, and the output this month is expected to be around 700 tons; Yunnan Desheng transformation and upgrading of vanadium and titanium metal ecological industrial park project is expected to be launched in early June, and two new blast furnaces of more than 1350 cubic meters will be built (existing 3 blast furnaces of 450 cubic meters), this project is expected to take one and a half years to complete by the end of 2023; after the transformation is completed, the monthly output of V2O5 flake will increase by 200-300 tons, and the monthly output will reach 600-700 tons.
Desheng Vanadium and Titanium pays close attention to the new energy industry and energy storage field, and is optimistic about the development prospects of all-vanadium liquid flow energy storage. Strategically invested in Dalian Borong, the leading vanadium product manufacturer, and actively promoted the commercial operation of vanadium liquid energy storage batteries; currently, 1-2 demonstration lines are being built in the southwest region.