Zaoyang VRFB Optical Storage Integration Project, a silver-gray substance regarded as a metal “vitamin”, has now become a “soft” super battery in an enterprise in Zaoyang, which has become a new weapon for cutting peak and filling valley in power supply and maintaining power capacity.

Hubei Pingfang Ruifeng New Energy Co., Ltd. built the first VRFB optical storage and use integration project in Hubei Province. In the workshop of more than 4000 square meters, the two sides are lined with about 5 meters high, 40 round metal cans. Each tank can hold about 30 cubic meters of vanadium electrolyte.

Vanadium electrolyte is the core of the “VRFB optical storage and use integration project”. As a metal “vitamin”, vanadium is widely used in new materials in automotive, aviation, railway, electronic technology, national defense and other fields. The vanadium in front of us, from the “iron bone clunking” into the liquid flow freely, has become a kind of super battery -VRFB is expected.

“The whole project is a 10-megawatt photovoltaic system, plus a 10-megawatt / 40-megawatt hour all-vanadium liquid flow energy storage plant. The current project is the first phase of the project, consisting of a 3.2MW photovoltaic system and a 5MW / 20MW energy storage plant.” Xie Guangguo, chairman of the company, said the plant’s capacity currently leads the country.

On the roofs of the park’s nine factories, 32,000 square meters of photovoltaic panels are installed. Some of the electricity is generated online and the other is stored in all-vanadium liquid flow cells.

“Even though not all 40 tanks are full, the amount of energy that can be stored from the electrolyte that is available is phenomenal.” Power station operation and maintenance director, Gao Feng said. According to the monitor screen, since the start of 2019, the power station has accumulated more than 12.7 million kWh of electricity storage and more than 9.5 million kWh of discharge, which is equivalent to nearly 20,000 kWh of electricity storage every day, which can be used by thousands of households a day. At present, most of the industrial park’s electricity comes from energy storage plants.

Vanadium electrolyte is made with purity vanadium99.9%, and taking it as the core of VRFB power, large capacity, high conversion efficiency; The energy density can be easily increased by simply increasing the concentration of electrolyte and vanadium ions, and their service life is 20 years, and it can charge and discharge of tens of thousands of times; the life cycle is 3-4 times of a traditional battery, which isn’t afraid of deep charge deep discharge. “Vanadium in use almost is no loss, green environmental protection.”

“Storing cheap power when demand is low late at night and releasing it when demand is high during the day.” Xie Guangguo said that the price difference between industrial and commercial electricity prices between the two periods is 0.6-0.7 yuan per kilowatt-hour, and large-scale energy storage and off-peak power consumption can significantly reduce the cost of large power users. There is advanced VRFB storage technology, a new generation of energy storage variable flow system architecture, intelligent control technology and big energy data management technology. Xie Guangguo are optimistic about the integration project, in addition to the traditional power grid peak clipping in valley, it can be used in the field of photovoltaic, wind, and let is not stable, large fluctuations of the photoelectric wind becomes steady output, making the unstable and fluctuating photoelectric wind power become stable output, and let the distributed new energy power gradually become a stable grid power supply.

According to industry estimates, the global market for VRFB will reach 100 billion by 2023. Xie said that they are seizing the opportunity to develop vanadium nitrogen, vanadium titanium, vanadium aluminum alloy new materials, and develop all-vanadium electrolyte, equipment integration and overall energy solutions. They strive to achieve an output value of 10 billion yuan by 2023.